con’t: Daniel Vaccerelli’s Post-Ironic Non-Irony In An Inquisitive Fashion

so, it’s a sunny, warm day in San Francisco, where the golden rays touch everything, and everyone I know heads for the park to get high and…whatever it is they do. as I mentioned previously, I fucking hate the park.

what’s a fella to do? 

then I recalled — last night, I remembered seven years ago when some girl told me NIN’s “Only” reminded her of me. I assumed she meant I was a grandiose solipsistic narcissist, or she just wanted me to know she had bad taste in music. Then I thought, what more exemplifies the disaffected bullshit of everyone’s younger lives than Nine Inch Nails? I mean, maybe the Smiths, if you’re a pussy, but I remember towards the end of my teenage years everyone was going through some big industrial JTHM-reading musically goth streak. it was awful and I ignored all of them, like I did when they tried to tell me Nirvana didn’t suck. In the same vein that my friends try to tell me now that Bon Iver is good. Like, ha ha, real funny, I’m not an idiot, guys, okay? Interpol wishes they were Joy Division and Thom Yorke will never be the sonic iconoclast J.G. Thirlwell is. You’re fooling nobody but yourselves. 


I’ve disregarded all “industrial” types of music since my formative years of taste, but now, I think it’s time to dive in and see what’s up. A lot of themes I can identify with; overwhelming loneliness, disaffection, disappointment, self-loathing, poor self-control, etc. We’ve all got a bit of that, it’s the human condition, just like pretending we’re not a bunch of pretentious fuck monkeys on a dying rock floating around an ongoing explosion. 

So, in the same fashion that I attempted to investigate McCartney II, I’m going to attempt to listen to myriad industrial groups and industrial songs and enjoy them for both content and creative prowess. Which is going to be difficult, because i think most industrial music sounds like someone stuck in a wood chipper attempting to communicate with a particularly metallic species of alien robot. But sacrifices must be made for art; and art must be made for sacrifice. 

Now, where to start…

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