I will continue rambling into this box until the painkillers kick in

Every time someone talks to me about DP I immediately think “Double Penetration”, rather than Dolores Park. Possibly because it’s significantly funnier to me to imagine my friends are incredibly enthused about getting high and then roughly double-fucked, possibly because I may be the only person in this city who’s just plain twitchy about not liking parks. Then again, I always end up with friends/lovers who are all about nature and parks and beaches and such and they always drag me along and seem to find my stick-in-the-mud reluctance and “I’ma get my suit dirty” attitude curiously endearing. I’m old hollywood, baby. I don’t mind a reasonable amount of trouble. 

I mean, does no one want to do a couple of shots of high-octane tequila, find a used bookstore, and make fun of people making shitty selections? Maybe put on a Real Tuesday Weld record and waltz in between the shelves? 

Okay, that’d have to be at Green Apple, but, y’know. 

You know what I like doing, is just walking around. Or sitting on a bench on a busy thoroughfare in the shade and watching people. I like cities. That’s what feels natural. I have to doing something, headed somewhere, going down a hill, going up a hill, finding a cup of coffee or terrorizing a tea shop. I can’t just sit in a park. I can’t. It’s not relaxing, it’s not rejuvenating, it’s not anything. It’s a null set. I’m a man with dreams, baby — real ambitions. I gotta keep it moving. Let’s take this show on the road. 

For all my complaints, I’m full of love. And painkillers. Life is just the omnipresent fucking of atom against atom in detached electrical orgies anyway. Take the long view sometime, you won’t care if your coffee is cold or hot much anymore. Or maybe you will. It’s all big moments and little moments. Like the Hagakure says, only death is sincere. Like the Bible says, check yo self before you wreck yo self. Or maybe that’s Ice Cube. 

You ever wish it was the 20s just because you want to see how fucked up it was? You ever wish it was the future just because you want to see how fucked up it’s gonna be? 

Yeah, me too. 

"And I want to know, 
The same thing everyone wants to know,
How’s it going to end?”
- Tom Waits 

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