I feel like the profilerance of dubstep has created this awkward backlash of extremely slow music that’s just as unlistenable and pointless. Going from “the drop” to “no backdrop” wasn’t the way to go. For everything there is an equal and opposing reaction, but does it have to be an equally shitty reaction? 

Then again, I don’t know why I’m trying to be musically aware — I should be more radically aware! The cardigan I’m wearing comes from a company that exploits Chinese children. The captain who sailed it over here probably kills hookers in some exotic country where you can bribe the police out of any investigation. The guy at the docks beats his wife. And don’t get me started on my socks. Genocide socks. They’re like blood diamonds, except more foot-friendly.

I mean, you could probably get diamond socks, but that’s a few bullets to the face, a couple hit singles, a boasting rap career and a bentley away from being a comfortable idea. I wear argyle. That’s class.

  1. baronblack said: I think its retarded that people get annoyed when there’s no drops. Its so fucking terrible, it’s like all the dumbass pop music idiots grew wise to pop, but moved to dubstep without listening to Aphex Twin / REAL ELECTRONICA….
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